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If your Dell printer is not functioning and you obtained the mistake CTD Sensor mistake or CTD Sensor Error 009-340, today you’re thinking exactly what I can do to resolve this issue. Then do not be concerned about, as we’re here for your aid. Our highly experienced and certified Dell tech support team has a complaint by several users to confront this type of CTD Sensor Error 009-340. So, the Error 009-340 means there is a fault with the sensor, or even the most probable issue is the CTD Sensor has become polluted by toner and is filthy. According to the Dell experts, the users should make an effort and clean the sensor will generally resolve this issue. Well, here the website will direct a couple of easy methods to Repair Dell CTD Sensor Error 009-340. The users as you require following the specified method to repair the issue.

Steps to Repair Dell CTD Sensor Error 009-340 in Printer:-

Method 1:- Alter the Printer OFF

First of all, its advice for users that they should make an effort and turn OFF their own Dell printer and wait for some time at least 12-14 seconds. Then turn the printer.

Learn if the issue still occurs, then proceed into another method.

You should make an effort and wash out the CTD (Cleaning the Color Toner Density) sensor located inside your own printer. Then follow these procedures to perform this task.

  • Ensure that the printer is switched off.
  • Push the back cover release handle and open the back cover.
  • Clean the CTD sensor inside the printer using a clean sterile cotton swab.
  • Close the back cover.
  • Switch ON the printer.

Fixing the sensor should resolve the mistake, so then proceed into another procedure.

  • You should do in order to verify the Toner used is a Dell Branded Toner. Make sure, its recommended that just Dell Branded Toners are used in Dell Laser Printers as Dell can’t guarantee compatibility or the printing quality of any 3rd party toners.
  • Then eliminate and re-install the toner instructions are available here.
  • Next, power the printer back ON and resolve if the error recurs.
  • If the error recurs using a functioning Toner or no Toner is available, Please contact Dell Technical Support or you could approach us to get speedily and fast solve the issue.

Get in Contact with Dell Customer Support team to Require Online Assist:-

Contact us in Dell Printer Support Phone Number to correct Dell CTD Sensor Error 009-340 and receive help to resolve Dell associated queries. You are able to acquire the best troubleshooting step to repair this mistake, and also reliable solutions, so call us today to get instant assistance & support for Dell Pinter’s mishaps.

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