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If you’re attempting to add a printer to a Windows 7 PC from printer server and you have windows printing error code 0x000005b3 through the driver installation step. You then do not need to be concerned about it because this is a frequent mistake and encountered by lots of numbers of users in the time of installation process. Consequently, the error code 0x000005b3 may be caused by various reasons includes driver contradictory, when doesn’t have local administrator rights, Windows is not up-to-date, and if Print Spooler service is stopped, etc.. Well, here the website will steer you to Repair Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3. So, just follow the steps to repair the issue.

Steps to Repair Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3:-

Solution 1:- elimination of Existing Printers

  • You should attempt to the elimination of existing printers. Then again attempt to add a printer.

Solution 2:- Install the Driver

  • You should attempt and install the driver manually.

Solution 3:- Local Administrator Rights

  • Be sure you’ve got the complete administrator rights to adding the printer. Examine the administrator account.
  • Attempt to add a printer to the name of local administrator rights.

Solution 4:- Ensure Windows Is Up-to-Date

  • You should make an effort and confirm your Windows is current and there are not any missing drivers.

Solution 5:- Start Print Spooler Service

  • If you discovered the service is stopped, then start it.

To assess and start the service, follow these steps:

  • Press “Win” key +”R” key at precisely the same moment. Subsequently a run dialog will appear.
  • Locate “Sprint Spooler” in the Name list. Subsequently double-click it to open the “Properties” dialog box.
  • Then reboot your PC to your change to take effect.
  • This should resolve the issue.
  • In case, if the above solutions didn’t work to fix your issue, then you should take experts help to solve the issue.

Contact Dell Printer Customer Support To Get Immediate Assist:-

Telephone at Dell printer Technical phone number +1-866-332-2152 and get steps to Repair Dell Printer Error Code 0x000005b3 along with other issues. The Dell Printer Customer Support team works around the clock for your aid 24×7 days. By dialing this amount, you will easily join with our team of committed and experienced technicians, that are competent in repairing any sort of Dell printer issues. The techies will provide you the comprehensive manual to troubleshoot this Dell issue. Also, you may get instant online assistance to repair this sort of Dell printer problems. Thus, call with this toll-free amount to obtain instant, fast and hasty solutions to the Dell printer queries.

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